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Biblioteca Digital da Produção Intelectual da Universidade de São Paulo - Resolution No. 6444
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Resolution No. 6444, of Oct 22,2012

(D.O.E. - 23.10.2012)

This Resolution provides for guidelines and procedures to promote and ensure the collection, processing and preservation of the intellectual production generated at USP Units and by the Joint Graduate Studies Programs, as well as the dissemination and accessibility thereof to the community.

University of São Paulo Rector, in light of the decision of the Legislation and Resources Commission Chairman, "ad referendum" of that Board, and considering the need to:

- preserve the institutional memory;
- increase the visibility and accessibility of USP's intellectual production (scientific, academic, artistic and technical);
- foster inter-institutional exchanges with other national and international institutions;
- certify the use of reliable indicators as regards USP's intellectual production;
- improve the management of investments in Research, Education and Extension in this Institution, hereby enacts the following


Article 1 - The Biblioteca Digital da Produção Intelectual [Intellectual Production Digital Library] (hereinafter BDPI) is henceforth the official unit responsible for gathering USP's intellectual production, in order to:

I - increase the visibility, accessibility and dissemination of USP's academic activity and research through collection, organization and long-term preservation;
II - facilitate the management and access to information to and within USP's intellectual production, through the provision of reliable and validated indicators;
III - be integrated with a number of national and international initiatives, by means of qualified and normalized integration/interoperability standards and protocols.

SIBi Supervisory Council

Article 2 - The Supervisory Board of the Sistema Integrado de Bibliotecas [Integrated Library System] (hereinafter SIBi) is henceforth in charge of establishing and validating standards for collection, processing and preservation of the intellectual production generated at the University (meeting the specific print and digital needs), as well as of defining all the types of documents to be collected, in addition to theses and dissertations defended at USP Units.

Constitution of the documentary memory

Article 3 - For the formation and development of USP's intellectual production memory, professors, technical and administrative staff, students and post-doctoral fellows must henceforth deposit in the BDPI the full content of their academic production, as they are published or edited.

§ 1 - The deposit of contents in the BDPI can be done by self-archiving (deposit made directly by the author of the work), by the Unit's library staff or by BDPI management staff by importing data.
§ 2 - The deposit of the intellectual production shall be carried out on a nonexclusive basis, guaranteeing that the authors keep all their copyrights.
§ 3 - If lawful, the access to documents may be open access, embargoed (for a limited established in the agreement signed by the author with the publishing house), restricted only for use by USP computers, or completely restricted (in this case, the digital file deposited shall serve only to production management and governance).
§ 4 - When the intellectual production is not available in digital format, the metadata must be registered at the BDPI and a copy of the production will be deposited at the library of its functional Unit.

Article 4 - Theses and dissertations follow the rules established by Resolution CoPGr No. 6018, of Oct 13, 2011.

Article 5 - It is suggested to all members of the USP community to publish the results of their research, preferably, in open-access publication outlets and/or repositories and to include the permission to deposit their production in the BDPI system in their publication agreements.

SIBi Libraries

Article 6 - SIBi Libraries shall, as regard to BDPI, be responsible to:

I - perform the technical registration of the USP's community and Units intellectual production on the BDPI, when so requested by the Unit it is linked to or by members of that community;
II - edit, review, validate and make available online the intellectual production self-archived by the authors;
III - organize periodic training and capacity building focused on clarifying the procedures and existing functionalities of BDPI system, aimed at USP community;
IV - provide support for USP authors in regard to the status of their copyrights, specifically in regard to external entities, to whom they may have potentially assigned their copyrights;
V - provide data, information and institutional statistics required by the Units to which they are linked;
VI - ensure continuous update of the BDPI's intellectual production records, by taking periodic actions with authors and the USP's Unit they belong to.

Coordination by the SIBi Technical Department

Article 7 - The SIBi Technical Department, as regard to BDPI, shall be responsible to:

I - manage and constantly update the BDPI's system based on the latest technological developments;
II - generate data and indicators on USP's intellectual production for various purposes, including the Statistical Yearbook or others that may be required by other University Governing Bodies;
III - ensure the dissemination of reliable indicators and certificates on the intellectual production generated at the University;
IV - prepare guidelines and mechanisms to ensure the digital control and preservation of the intellectual production generated by USP;
V - provide needed and identified skills training to the SIBi Libraries teams, in order to perform the activities and achieve the goals of the BDPI;
VI - enable interoperability and rationalization of resources create of USP systems and databases by fostering mechanisms to integrate USP's systems with external systems.

Article 8 - For the full development of the BDPI activities, the integration to the University's corporate systems must be ensured.

Article 9 - This Resolution becomes effective on the date of its publication, and Resolution No. 4221, of Nov. 17,1995, as well as all contrary provisions, are hereby revoked.

Rector's Office, University of São Paulo, October the 22nd., 2012.


This text does not replace the one published in the D.O.E. (State Official Gazette) of Oct. 23, 2012.

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