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The Digital Library of Intellectual Production is a repository, in developing, of management and dissemination of scientific, academic, technical and artistic generated and developed by researchers at USP.

The Resolution 6444 of October 22, 2012 establishes and determines BDPI as the official unit responsible for gathering USP's intellectual production.

BDPI uses DSpace platform with services and implementations integrated to version 4.1 of the application and adopts international standards and protocols of collection and dissemination as DRIVER 2.0 OAI / PMH, enabling interoperability with other databases.

See this repository and learn how to include the production, requesting information from USP´s Libraries or contact us by e-mail atendimento@sibi.usp.br

Recent submissions

  • Dotrário, Andréa B Icon ; Menon, Lucas J B Icon ; Bollela, Valdes R Icon ; Martinez, Roberto Icon ; de Almeida e Araújo, Daniel C Icon ; da Fonseca, Benedito A L Icon ; Santana, Rodrigo de C Icon (2016-05-26)
    Abstract Background Malaria is endemic in countries located in tropical and sub-tropical regions. The increasing flow of domestic and international travellers has made malaria ...
  • Mesquita, Alexandre; Estrada, Flávia Regina; Mastelaro, Valmor Roberto Icon ; Eiras, José Antonio; Garcia, Ducinei (Trans Tech, Suiça, 2014)
    In order to characterize the local structure of Pb1-xCaxTiO3 (PCT) samples, Ti K-edge XANES measurements were performed and showed that Ca incorporation to PbTiO3 structure leads to a decreasing of local distortion of Ti ...
  • Raubach, Cristiane W.; Gouveia, Amanda F.; Santana, Yuri V. B.; Varela, José A.; Ferrer, Mateus M.; Siu Li, Máximo Icon ; Longo, E. (Royal Society of Chemistry - RSC, Reino Unido, 2014-04)
    For the first time, the calcium sulfide (CaS) photoluminescent (PL) emission blue shift synthesized by the microwave-assisted solvothermal (MAS) method was examined to understand its key role in the PL activity. PL emission ...
  • Horta, Maria Augusta Crivelente; Vicentini, Renato; Delabona, Priscila da Silva; Laborda, Prianda; Crucello, Aline; Freitas, Sindélia; Kuroshu, Reginaldo Massanobu; Polikarpov, Igor Icon ; Pradella, José Geraldo da Cruz; Souza, Anete Pereira (Public Library of Science - PLOS, Estados Unidos, 2014-02)
    Profiling the transcriptome that underlies biomass degradation by the fungus Trichoderma harzianum allows the identification of gene sequences with potential application in enzymatic hydrolysis processing. In the present ...
  • Quites, Fernando Júnior; Faria, Gregorio Couto Icon ; Germino, José Carlos; Atvars, Teresa Dib Zambon (American Chemical Society - ACS, Estados Unidos, 2014-08)
    The photo- and electroluminescent properties of single-layer two-component blends composed of one blue emitter polymer and one green emitter polymer were studied. The blue emitter, poly[(9,9-dioctylfluorenyl-2,7- ...

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